Cheap Business Calls And Line Rental


Cheap Business Calls

Local and National Calls from 0.8 pence per minute
UK Mobile Calls from 5 pence per minute
0870 Calls from 0.8 pence per minute

Per second billing. No minimum charge.
No connection charge

Cheap Business Line Rental

ISDN 30 from £12.95 per channel per month
ISDN2e from £24.80 per line (2 channels) per month
Analogue from £10.97 per month



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Business calls and line rental

Arguably the most vital asset of a business is a telephone system, no company can survive without a phone to communicate. Business phone lines don't just make it easier for people within a company to communicate, but they also ensure that more of a professional appearance is maintained for clients and potential customers.

Installing a good quality business telephone line means that you can rest assured that you have a reliable service as well as maintaining authority. We ensure that our business calls and line rental are competitively priced so you know that you're getting a good deal.

Whether you have a smaller home business or are based in a commercial office, having cheap business line rental is essential for demonstrating your professionalism to clients. With telephone systems it is also easy to communicate within the office and some of the call solutions offered include call divert, call whisper, call record and IVR Auto Attendant.

Why choose 1st rate for your business calls and line rental?

  • We offer one of the highest quality services in the telecom industry
  • Reliability is certain with the phone line being maintained by BT Openreach
  • You are able to keep your current phone number
  • You can opt to include business broadband
  • Non geographic services available include 0800, 0844, 0333 and 0871

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