Business Telephone Handsets

Having a system handset can be very useful, especially within a business. Being able to use an office phone system in your workplace can make dealing with phone calls very easy; especially if you are using a phone quite frequently throughout the day.

Some of the main features that you get with business telephone handsets are being able to transfer calls within your office, set it to take messages, block and show the names of people who are calling and you can store names and numbers on it which makes it even easier to transfer calls. Another great feature that these types of business telephone systems have is the large screens which make it easier to store information on it and easier to see who is calling your office.

At 1st Rate Comms we have different brands of business telephone handsets that you can choose from with different designs and features so that you can choose a phone that best suits you. The different brands of phones we have on offer are NEC, Nortel, Panasonic and Orchid. With this selection you can choose different styles, sizes and colours so you have enough brands to find one that you would like to have within your office.

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