Write a to-do list

This may seem simplistic, but sometimes writing things done in a clear and organised way can really help you visualise and digest the task at hand. Breaking the bigger picture down into smalls chunks can work wonders. To really go for it in terms of list-making, keep this list in plain sight so that you can keep your focucs. Also, don't forget to triumpantly scribble over them once you've completed a task!


Take (a few) breaks

Sitting down, all day, in the same position is tiring in a number of ways. So, make excuses to leap up from your seat and briefly get some blood pumping to your brain! Some studies show that working for 90 minuets at a time and then having a breather is the most effective. This really does have a great impatc upon your energy and ability to focus. It's also a great excuse to make a fresh cup of tea every few hours or find one more answer of your crossword.


Business Freindy Snacking

Boosting your energy with a few healthy snacks during the day and really help during a mid-morning or mid-afternoon slump. Fruit or nuts are great addition to your daily routine. This can also be boosted by drinking some green tea which hydrates, cleanses and it just an all round do-gooder.


Deep Breaths

Just taking a few minutes to clear your mind can sometimes seem almost impossible, especially if things are busy in the work place- but if you stick with it, this time-out can change everything. Training your mind to focus on this each day really helps with your work efficiency. 


Take Care of the Small Stuff 


Having loads of little things to get done can seem overwhelming, so it's a great idea to get some of those menia tasks done ahead of time. You'll feel a lot more calm and dedicated to the bigger picture and goal of the day.



So, here's to the new green-tea drinking, break-taking, almond-eating you!